Origin Story

[How I became an editor]

I’d chased a classical music dream for too long, tried to do good work in community-living support, and put in some years as a stay-at-home dad. It was time to head to work again, but none of those fields beckoned me back.

I sat on the front stoop watching my girls run around the co-op, and flipped open a copy of Editing Canadian English, which I’d grabbed on a whim from the bookshelves that lined my parents’ living room. From page 1 of the spelling charts, I was hooked. Colour vs. color was no surprise, but what layers of intricacy hid beneath! It was like prying up a rock at the beach, and a thousand shiny creatures come prancing out.

Someone pointed me to an EAC proofreading workshop. When the instructor, Rica Night, pulled out galleys and blues, a world fell into place that I knew would be my home.

(Originally written for BoldFace:
The official blog of EAC’s Toronto branch, April 2014)

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