As a Certified Professional Editor, I’m recognized by Editors Canada for excellence in structural, stylistic, and copy editing, and proofreading. I’m also well versed in plain language, accessibility, rewriting, and adapting material for the audience and medium.

I can format a bibliography and tally a balance sheet. But I’m a storyteller first.

In memoirs, instruction, analysis, and more, I clarify prose to better reach the reader and bring the storyline to the fore. Most of my clients are trade book publishers, but I also work directly for authors and organizations.

Whether you’re a self-publishing author or a communications professional, I  can pinpoint what your manuscript needs and help you shape it. I’ll enter your story’s world and let it speak, the way a musician gives voice to a score.

To begin, I’ll want to see a substantial sample and an outline. Then we can talk about the steps to reach your goals. If we’re a good match, I’ll give you a quote and we can work out a timeline.

Your voice is in there. Together, let’s set it free.