Un gros merci: I wish to thank you for the fantastic job you did. Your timeline was incredible. I really should have created one myself (for the next novel perhaps) … Your name now appears in the acknowledgements … And thank you for your kind words about my novel in your letter. Je suis très reconnaissant (I’m hugely grateful).

– Neil Smith, author of Jones (Random House Canada, 2022)

I want to thank you for such a sensitive and thorough copy edit. I wish you could have seen me smiling at various catches, or nodding at suggestions which I thought wise. It has been a pleasure working with you!

– Beth Powning, author, The Sister’s Tale (Knopf Canada, 2021)

I really enjoyed and appreciated your copy edit, and thought you did a great job … At [a certain] point you need someone else to point out to you where improvements can be made. That was exactly the case with the copy edit … Thanks again for helping [the novel] realize its full potential.

– David Albertyn, author, Undercard (House of Anansi, 2019)

I’ve spoken with many “getting into writing” people who want to chat … And I always say I had the best experience with the editor ! That would be you 😊 … So thank you for what you do, so well, to help people like me along the way.

– Libby Davies, author, Outside In (Between the Lines, 2019)

Tilman, you’re an animal! This is my first book … so I was shocked by the wall of blue bubbles down the margin of what I thought was already a pretty carefully edited manuscript … You obviously put a great deal of time, effort and skill into the editing … I was a little saddened that you don’t share my love of the serial comma or the F-word, but overall the book is much better now that you have had your way with it. Let me know if you are ever up near Creemore – I owe you a beer.

– Brent Preston, author, The New Farm (Random House Canada, 2017)

It was important to me to work with an editor who “got me.” You did fabulous work without diminishing my voice. Thank you!

– Marilyn Churley, author, Shameless (Between the Lines, 2015)

Thank you, thank you, thank you … whatever HC paid you, it wasn’t enough.

– Mark Bourrie (via Twitter), author, Kill the Messengers (HarperCollins, 2015), The Killing Game (HarperCollins, 2016)

Tilman impressed me with his quick understanding of our vision for the document, and how he tailored his editing to help us realize that vision. His criticism of my writing was always clear, insightful and delivered in an encouraging way.

– Cynthia Gunn, legal counsel, The United Church of Canada;
author, The Manual of The United Church of Canada, 2013 (plain language rewrite)

Tilman’s proofreading changes were eloquent … Every change he identified clearly made the writing better and cleaner, and left the author’s voice completely intact. Tilman’s mark up gave me the feeling that the work was being treated gently, and by a real master of the language. I would strive to emulate his delicate touch and tactful manner.

– Adrienne Montgomery, editor